Yoga Classes in Berlin – Benefits, Classes & Studios List

Updated on
September 23, 2022

Yoga long originated from ancient India and it is made up of a number of exercises which were primarily for using yoga to connect the soul and body. Yet, the practice has gained a lot of growth and popularity in today’s world. Nowadays, public figures and athletes are using Yoga classes in Berlin to enhance their physical and mental benefits.

There are many yoga types you can try, starting from a session that can be considered as a physical and intensive workout to others considered as meditation. Yoga schools offer variability in the training tactics with some having cross-over training types. It’s fun to try out different yoga classes in Berlin to be able to decide which fits you.You can choose either corporate, private, or group lessons. In this article, you will discover the benefits of yoga and get access to some of the top yoga classes in Berlin.

The Benefits of Yoga Classes in Berlin

The American Osteopathic Association had conducted research on the psychological and physical benefits of Yoga and came up with some results. During yoga exercises, there are relaxing practices that are known to reduce chronic pains, such as, strains are arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, and back pains. It can also decrease insomnia and blood pressure.The Physical Advantages of Yoga Classes in Berlin

  • It increases body coordination.
  • Most exercises increase strength and overall fitness.
  • Weight loss
  • It helps to maintain heart and cardio health.
  • Improves and balances metabolism.
  • It increases athletic performance.
  • It improves stamina, liveliness, and breathing capacity.

The Mental Benefits of Yoga

Being stressed is a common issue among many people. One of the main mental advantages of yoga is that it ‘slows the world down’ and helps you relax. Yoga can assist you to heal from headaches, lack of concentration, sleeping problems, drug abuse, and others.Besides that, like any other sport, yoga gives you a boost in your motivation and helps you keep a positive perspective in life. The combination of breathing and meditation in Yoga helps in the advancement of mental well-being. Besides, if you do frequent yoga classes in Berlin, in the long run, it helps you develop a consistent mental calmness and clearness of mind.The creating of body and self-awareness is very critical as it helps in the recognition of physical harms; thus, you take preventions on time.

Types of Yoga Classes in Berlin to Attend

1. HATHA Yoga – Recommended to Beginners

This type of yoga focusses on teaching calming physical postures. If you are new to the yoga world, this type of class is usually recommended for beginners as it is relatively easy to follow but gives an introduction to essential yoga techniques and poses. This type of yoga class is not considered to be an intensive exercise, but it will help you wind down and feel relaxed.


It's also suitable for beginners in the yoga field, just like the Hatha Yoga. Thus type of yoga aims to help their students open their hearts and encourage their inner goodness. As oppose to the yoga type above, the Anusara tends to be a bit more challenging in terms of fitness.


A set of intense yoga exercises based on ancient India. ASHTANGA yoga includes many specific and challenging postures and has similar styles as VINYASA yoga, promoting the coordination between movement and breath. When attending this class, remember to get a yoga mat and towel.


VINYASA yoga uses the hatha yoga sequence of postures. The name comes after the interpretation of the Sanskrit word, which means ‘to place in a special way. It involves a lot of movements, so prepare to sweat!. Similar to the yoga type above it also bases the training on the coordination of breathing and movements, accompanied by background music to enhance the setting. If you dare to try, rest assured that you will be met with one fun challenge!

5. BIKRAM Yoga

This type of yoga class is also very physically demanding since it involves a series of 26 different poses in heated conditions. Bikram is one of the most popular types of yoga, you finding a Bikram Yoga class in Berlin, should not be an issue. Due to the heating, a bottle of water is always recommended to keep hydrated.

6. HOT Yoga

Hot Yoga is very similar to BIKRAM and as the name implies, you get to get to do yoga classes in a heated room.


It's one of the most accurate styles of Yoga which requires a lot of attentiveness to be in the right pose alignment. Despite the class not being considered as a very intense or active one, it is still challenging both physically and mentally. The trainers in IYENGA yoga undergo rigorous training in physical exercise; thus, would be able to assist you with natural healing remedies in most cases. If you have a long-lasting injury, here you will gain a lot of intellectual instructions to help cope with your situation.

8. YIN Yoga  - Restorative

One of the best yoga types to relax and smoothen your mind. The yoga studios will be equipped with objects that students use during the classes, including blocks, blankets, and bolsters. Trainers use these assistive objects to bear the body in the yoga posture without having to physically train for it.

List of the Recommended Yoga Studios in Berlin

1. Yoga Klub Berlin

Yoga Klub Berlin is an appealing yoga studio found in the PRENZLAUER BERG. The type of yoga training focuses on Iyengar Yoga which is suitable for all ages including children, middle age, elderly, and even pregnant women. At the Berlin Yoga Klub you can find a number of professional trainers dedicated to guiding you through their yoga practices.

2. The ASHTANGA Studio

The Ashtanga studio focuses on body fitness by improving your stamina, strength and flexibility. It's a useful way to do a challenging workout without doing excessive pressure on joints, which usually results from other sports. That Ashtanga Studio is home to a welcoming environment and trained teachers.

3. SUN Yoga

SUN yoga studio has ample space for yoga classes in Berlin, so one does not need to worry about struggling to find a class. The studio location is easily accessible and has beautiful areas in which you can train in the sun, thus the name. Its a known location for Hot Yoga as the heat in classes is usually increased up to 40 degrees!

Online Yoga Classes in Berlin

When you can't access yoga classes in Berlin in their studios, you can view live-streamed courses online. It will help to increase your immune system and develop flexibility through meditation, breathing, and movement. Being completely online means that you can learn yoga from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You can also access many professional trainers from around the world.

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