Private Liability Insurance In Germany

Updated on
April 13, 2023

Liability insurance In Germany is a portion of the General Insurance to (or “intending to”) protecting the Insurer from the risks of liabilities that arise due to lawsuits and other similar claims. It provides protection if someone sues the Insured for claims falls within the coverage of the Insurance policy.

The modern system of Insurance is built on dedicated carriers to offer protection against mishaps in consideration of a premium. The design of Liability insurance is such that the protection it offers is against third party claims; payment is made to the person suffering the loss (someone not party to the Insurance Agreement.) Anytime someone makes a claim against the Insured, the Insurance company takes over the case and battles it out for the person they are covering either in court or through unbureaucratic means.

Why do you need a Private Liability Insurance?

What is the need of Private Liability Insurance? A question you are prone to ask or even wonder. Well, accountability entails everyone who is capable of causing damage to a third party, their property or assets. Anyone can have a bad day, be in a hurry, is tired, stressed out or might not have the necessary concentration as needed to be in certain situations. Only a moment of negligence or carelessness can cause massive consequences costing a lot of money, more often than not, more than one can afford. Private liability insurance insures you against such financial mishappenings.

And which risks does Liability insurance provide cover?

If the claim for indemnification is justifiable, we will sort out the matter and arrange for a quick and unbureaucratic payment within the scope and protection of the contract. All compensation needs are dealt with up to the full amount of the agreed insurance sums. If the claimant is demanding a price that is too high or unjustified damages and you are not legally liable for these expenses, we will act on your behalf and enforce your rights, turning down any wrongful claims without an expense for you.The damages a person can incur can be for example

  • Medical treatment expenses.
  • Loss of earnings.
  • Compensation due to pain and suffering.
  • Material damages, on the other hand, can include
  • The Cost of repairs.
  • Replacement costs.
  • Loss of usage.
  • Missed profit.

And the causes of risks a person could represent?Insured is your legal liability for any damage to people, property or financial loss, caused privately of less than or up to 10 Million Euros. This amount can be;

  • As a pedestrian or cyclist
  • When having children under your supervision.
  • When practising a sport
  • as the owner of flats or single-family house for your residential purposes
  • While on travel abroad.

Additional Third Party Liability benefits can include;

  • The increase of insurance sum up to 12,5 Million Euros.
  • Receivables Insurance.
  • Temporal use or rental of a single-family house or apartment, used for residential purposes
  • Deposit up to 60.000 € as a security should a damage occur abroad but in Europe
  • Loss of someone else’s keys, locks or locking systems up to 30.000 €
  • Private internet charges.
  • Occasional use of third party motor vehicles subject to insurance deductions while travelling abroad but within Europe. Use of vehicles not subject to insurance deductions if they are: Motor vehicles of up to 6 km/h top speed, work machines of up to 20 km/h top speed and motor vehicles only are driven on private roads or private property.
  • The damage that involves rented furnishing in hotels, motels, holiday flats and houses of less than or up to 30.000 Euros.
  • If you have strayed dogs that are occasionally under your care.
  • Property damages caused by domestic waste water and by waste backwater to a drainage system

Personal Liability Insurance In Germany generally provides cover in Germany, European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein and up to 3 years in any other country worldwide.

Comparing German liability insurance policies

It is always important to compare the coverage of different policies. However, we can strongly recommend the liability insurance products from MIRASCON. They offer a range of flexible policies and a wealth of experience which you really can rely on. It's is also fast and easy to get a personal offer suitable for your needs. Interested individuals are encouraged to get in touch with them to learn more about their liability insurance options.

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