Liability Insurance for Guests

Updated on
April 13, 2023

Personal liability insurance in Germany

Many people have personal liability insurance in their home country but this doesn't necessarily mean you're covered when in Germany. In some cases, an upgrade to your existing policy's possible, however any claim arising from an accident in Germany causing loss or injury could be higher than your policy covers in your home country. A sum insured of 3 million euros is the standard level of cover in Germany. If you're someone who doesn't have any personal liability cover, it's wise to get protection as soon as possible.

Arranging a policy's straightforward either online or by calling into a broker's office in Munich. If you're opening a German bank account, the bank may offer liability insurance for Germany. For further information, there's a link to follow here. Premiums are calculated upon different factors, such as the sum insured, policy excess and term of the cover. Typically, annual premiums range from 55 euros for a single person, to about 80 euros for a whole family.

Cover for your tenancy and specific research/study

If you plan to rent a property to live in whilst in Munich, many landlords require that third party is in place before signing a tenancy agreement. This is to protect both parties against costs from damage to the property during the tenancy. It's possible your personal liability insurance may extend to this, but it's important to check your policy documents carefully, to see if property damage during a tenancy's included.

The other critical area to check is your contract of employment through TUM. If you don't have one and you're a guest carrying out research, teaching or on a scholarship, you won't have personal liability insurance or protection covering your tenancy. It's extremely important to ensure you've got the right level of cover for peace of mind during your stay. If in doubt, someone in authority at your faculty will be able to give more information about the specific risks to which you may be exposed trough your work (such as working in a laboratory or having contact with patients within your specialism). If these specific areas aren't automatically covered, you'll need to make it a priority to arrange cover to protect yourself. Make enquiries with your existing insurer before taking out a new policy, although most personal liability policies won't cover these areas unless specifically arranged, so you'll need additional cover. The insurance company Coya provides reliable insurance for those working in laboratory settings, with personal liability insurance during your stay. The premiums are affordable and payable each term, in line with the policy renewal. They are able to provide you with additional advice and information for your personal liability insurance in Germany.

Comparing German liability insurance policies

It is always important to compare the coverage of different policies. However, we can strongly recommend the liability insurance products from MIRASCON. They offer a range of flexible policies and a wealth of experience which you really can rely on. It's is also fast and easy to get a personal offer suitable for your needs. Interested individuals are encouraged to get in touch with them to learn more about their liability insurance options.

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