Frankfurt: The Ideal Heaven for Young Professionals

Updated on
October 10, 2022

Do you know Frankfurt is among the top 10 cities recommended for expatriates? (Ranking by Mercer’s Quality of Life) This ranking is no surprise as the city of Frankfurt speaks for itself. The world-class standard houses for rent in Frankfurt, the climate, hospitals, and a variety of international schools to mention a few make the city worthwhile. To cap it all, the crime rate is very low and the economic and political scenes in Germany are doing well.

The City of Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main, known to many as Frankfurt, is one of the largest cities in Germany. In the international scene, the city of about 700,000 people is recognized for its large volume of financial businesses. It is said that 1 out of 3 people in the city is likely to be a foreign national. While in this city, you would most likely meet someone who speaks your language or is from your home country.

The city sits in the heart of Europe with about 5 hours distance from major European cities like Paris, Bern, Amsterdam, Luxemburg. The Frankfurt International Airport is the largest in Germany, and consequently one of the largest in the world. With a direct flight to over 300 destinations in the world, the airport makes life easy for you.

Where to Stay in Frankfurt

A lot of international organizations, for instance, the European Bank have their headquarters in Frankfurt. This alone speaks of how well developed the international community is over there. It also gives a clue into what the rent should look like in the city.

In general terms, Frankfurt offers a wide range of options for those seeking to find houses for rent in Frankfurt. Whatever you decide on, here are some suggested areas where you can stay in Frankfurt.

  1. Westend

The Westend in Frankfurt offers you one of the best experience in this region, however, it's the most expensive of all. The houses are vintage and of the highest quality around. Thanks to its proximity to the city's hub, it is mostly preferred by bankers.

  1. Sachsenhausen

This area would be a good choice for young professionals seeking housing in an environment where there's a balance between old and new houses. The environment is a mix of old and new high-quality buildings. Besides the environment, it is home to world-class museums of Germany as well as cafes and restaurants.

  1. Nordend

With its variety of bars, restaurants, and boutiques, this green environment is home to many young professionals in Frankfurt. The environment which is amongst the choicest places in Frankfurt is beautified with several green parks and Chinese parks.

  1. Bockenheim

If you seek value for your money, this might be the ideal environment for you to find houses for rent in Frankfurt. It is close to the city’s hub with world-class cafes and shops. The environment also houses diplomatic villas and homes for diplomatic corps.


From a professional point of view, Frankfurt is an ideal place for any young professional. In General, Germany is a great option to move to for work. If not for anything, the country’s robust economy and low unemployment are very good reasons. The international community over there also makes the city ideal for anyone considering moving.

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