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Updated on
April 13, 2023

Cover with Private Liability Insurance

Protecting yourself and your family against expensive claims of negligence is always important, which is why third-party liability insurance Germany is available. It provides the necessary cover you need in everyday life for a variety of situations that might arise, and represents the cheapest option for this level of cover. Essentially, you are covered for any act you commit that would be deemed negligent in a German court.

The amount you might have to pay out for damages has no limit under German law, so even if you didn't mean to be negligent, you could still be liable for a large damages claim. An example of unintended negligence might be due to injuries caused by a pet to someone else. Incidentally, you will need to insure animals separately.

For a private liability policy, you're covered for a wide range of situations including property damage, accidents you might have caused, and injuries inflicted to another person – in a football match, for instance. At the very least, a private liability policy will give you peace of mind, but it's importance goes beyond this, which is why landlords will often require you to be insured before renting.

Purchasing the Right Insurance Policy

The mental anguish for those who have been on the receiving end of a damages claim is not a pleasant experience, so the relatively small cost incurred by taking out a liability insurance Germany policy is worth it. Covering your family for 10 million Euros is the suggested level. What you don't want to do is seek out a low-cost policy that offers you limited coverage, simply because the money you save here is not proportionate to the risks.

In addition to a third-party policy, you will also have to take out added policies if you want to participate in higher risk activities such as flying a plane. When deciding on a third-party policy, be aware that the duration of a plan is set in stone. Someone selling you a 3-year term-length will be on commission. The advice is to opt for an annual policy that can be renewed on a yearly basis, ensuring you have a choice of policies every year. Or simply go with Coya in order to have a string and flexible insurance coverage.

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