Supplementary Health Insurance In Germany

Updated on
April 12, 2023

Private Supplementary Health Insurance

For those already covered by the generic public health insurance, the option exists to increase coverage with a supplementary health insurance plan. These privately arranged insurance options offer an increased level of coverage and benefits above the public variety, as well as the ability to make certain choices during medical treatment

Travel Health Insurance

Travelling outside of the European Union means that German-based public plans no longer offer coverage. Therefore, it is essential for the traveller to arrange additional private coverage for the duration of their time outside of the EU. This avoids the potential to become fully accountable for any medical costs incurred while abroad. It is also important to note that the public insurance will only cover any emergency treatment up to the cost of the same treatment within Germany, and that individuals will be liable for any difference.

A simple annual policy is suitable for those travelling for limited periods across the year, and can be obtained fairly cheaply. However, for extended stays of over 60 days, special insurance plans will be required. More information and quotes for these plans are available german health insurance.

Dentists In Germany

Dental Supplementary Coverage

Over the past few decades, payments from public insurance for dental treatment (especially for dental replacement treatment) have experienced significant deterioration. For those planning an extended residence within Germany, a specialised dental supplementary insurance coverage is highly recommended.

Hospital/Inpatient Supplementary Coverage

Germany Medical Treatment Visa

While less essential than other variations, this style of plan offers an extended level of comfort and choice for hospital inpatients. Inpatient or Hospital Supplementary Health insurances grant patients a choice of hospitals, treatment from a head of department and a private room with a choice of bed styles. Without this insurance, discretion for treatment and care is solely with the assigned doctor. Hospital Supplementary Insurances are especially useful for expectant mothers requiring privacy and extended care, and for those who wish to continue work within the seclusion of a single room with Wi-Fi. As this is a supplementary option, it is for individuals to choose what level of our plans they are comfortable with. Rest assured, however, that all German hospital treatment will be to the highest standard whatever the variety chosen.

Outpatient Supplementary Coverage

Similar in style to Inpatient Supplementary Coverage, Outpatient variations allow patients an extended variety of options during their care outside of a hospital. Patients can choose from a number of options not covered by public insurance, such as natural or holistic treatment, coverage for opticians and glasses care and private patient-style care. While, again, this is a purely optional variety of insurance, patients can decide on the level of coverage which they are happy with via a number of plans.

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