What it takes to be a great CEO

Updated on
September 20, 2022

9+1 Insightful Tips on What You Need to Be a Great CEO

1. What makes a great CEO is being able to take risks. CEOs are at the top of the hierarchy, which puts them in a very privileged position. They need to know how to take calculated risks and when to call the shots.

2. Describing a CEO with just a single attribute is impossible. Being a great CEO requires certain abilities and personality traits like intelligence, in-depth knowledge of the field and outstanding commanding skills. CEOs that lack the needed expertise or abilities won’t be able to excel in managing their company.

3. CEOs work in fast-paced environments, where everything is always changing and technology is always evolving. CEOs are required to keep up with the dynamic environment and, most importantly, they are required to deliver under any circumstances. Sitting at the top of the hierarchy comes with the responsibility of ensuring supply at all costs.

4. By default, CEOs are leaders. However, the leadership tools nowadays are constantly changing. Whether we’re talking about technology breakthroughs, artificial intelligence or long flight hauls, CEOs always need to hit the ground running. The difference between a mediocre CEO and an excellent one is the ability to adapt and keep up to speed on the latest discoveries.

5. A common misconception is that all CEOs have to do is sign off papers all day long. This couldn’t be further from the truth. CEOs carry great responsibilities on their shoulders. They are continuously required to make decisions, even when they do not have all the information. Even so, everyone looks up to them and they are expected to make the correct decision at the right time.

6. It’s impossible for a CEO to do and know everything that is happening in the firm. This is why it’s paramount that they are surrounded by smart and capable people. Their opinions should always be taken into account before making a decision. Having several trustworthy advisors will always benefit CEOs as they will be able to make the best decisions at the right time by having a complete view of the situation.

7. Another essential skill CEOs should possess is being loyal to the firm’s vision. Great leaders will be able to turn down great opportunities that don’t comply with the company’s vision. A successful CEO will concentrate only on the opportunities that will fully benefit the company.

8. Great CEOs are great visionaries. They are preoccupied with their contribution to society, which further motivates them to look for new solutions to problems. Having a clear objective and a burning desire to fulfil it is what makes a leader stand out of the crowd.

9. Every prosperous business is based on understanding the customer. Only after completing this step will CEOs be able to pinpoint problems and start working on fixing them. As the leader of the company, the CEO will play the biggest role in managing and focusing all the firm’s energy on finding the right answers for the customer.

+1. What makes a real CEO? The ability to look at things both on a micro and macro level at the same time. This is an essential skill to have, as it enables the leader to think outside of the box and juggle with various decisions and solutions in the pursuit of making the best one.

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