Top insurance companies in Germany!

Updated on
April 18, 2024

Germany is often renowned for having one of the best health care systems in the world with all the residents having access to comprehensive health insurance coverage. Around 15% of the population are insured via private health insurance plans and the rest have the mandatory or voluntary government health plans.‍

The three options for health insurance in Germany are:

  • the government regulated public health insurance system (GKV)
  • private health insurance from a German provider
  • private health insurance from an international insurance company

Furthermore, in Germany it is required that everyone living in Germany is covered by an insurance for at least hospital and out-patient medical treatment, including pregnancy coverage and medical check-ups. Health care in general in Germany can be quite expensive due to increase in medical costs and demographic shifts. Below we provide you with the editor’s pick of the top value for money insurances companies in Germany, offering some of the most competitive rates.

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Gothaer Group

‍This is a German insurance company offering all types of health insurance services. Their customers mainly consist of private clients and small to medium sized business. In 2015, the group reported a Euro 134 million in net profit. For more information, kindly


‍Apart from the normal health insurance plans, this insurance company offers specific expat insurance plans. These are expatriate-tailored health insurances that focus on the needs of those living and working abroad. For more information, kindly


‍Allianz is an insurance and asset management company. It offers a wide range of insurance and fund products in more than 70 countries to around 86 million customers. As of 31st December, 2016, Allianz managed around 1,361 billion euros in third party-assets.

For more information, kindly


‍DKV is an insurance and medical company that highly focuses on society and people, while also committed to sustainable development. This company offers the regular insurance services, while also offering a comprehensive medical directory, medical helplines, health and wellbeing clubs. The company ranks the high amongst the top insurers in Spain whilst having the support of Munich Re. For more information, kindly

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