Top neighborhoods in Frankfurt recommended for Expats

Updated on
June 6, 2024

Frankfurt is an exciting, interesting, lively, beautiful and warm city to live and work in. This city is a major hub for businesses and many expats and students move to Frankfurt to further grow with their careers. Once you move, which are the best neighborhoods to live in as an expat?  There is not one specific neighborhood because this entirely depends on the person’s likings and objectives. In total the city consists of 46 neighborhoods where each one has its positives and negatives.  Furthermore, the living conditions and quality of life vary in most neighborhoods.  Below, we will give you our top five favorite neighborhoods in Frankfurt.


This neighborhood is situated in the heart of the city and it is renowned for its shopping opportunities. If you are a shopping enthusiast, then look no further!  This neighborhood is home to the largest pedestrian commercial streets in Germany, having the top shop brands throughout the world.  This obviously attracts a good number of tourists, making most of the locals prone to speaking English. Furthermore, the city also hosts a lot of banks and financial institutions.  Believe it or not, the best is yet to come! This neighborhood offers some of the most affordable housing.


Bornheim is one of the most liked neighborhoods in the whole city. The best thing about this neighborhood is that although it is peaceful, relaxing and romantic, it is also known for its night clubs and parties. The neighborhood is quite lively and young having ample bars, restaurants and cafes. Moreover, the excellent public transportation system offers various alternatives to travel to the heart of city without having the need to own a car.


The wealthy neighborhood.  Westend is often liked by high class families and executives, normally working within the city’s top companies. The quality of life is extremely high, offering clean and luxurious environments. Accommodation in this area can be quite costly, however, it has some of the most beautiful residences.   Despite being so close to the city, Westend manages to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.


This is one of the most populated neighborhoods in the city. Most of the time this part of the city is inhabited by students or people on a tight budget.  It offers relatively affordable housing when compared to the other major neighborhoods. Bockenheim is well connected with nature, as it has some of the best nature parks in the country in its vicinities.


Similar to the above, this neighborhood has the highest population in the city.  Being one of the liveliest and most exiting areas in the city, it is often inhabited by students and party enthusiast. There is a generous variety of nightclubs, bars, restaurants and entertainment attractions. Moreover, it is a highly touristic neighborhood, having a big percentage of the residents with the ability to speak English.Other neighborhoods loved by expats are Nordend, Hausen, Bonames, Nied and Harheim, amongst many others. Frankfurt offers countless opportunities for professional expats and students moving to Germany live and work.  Visit our website for more information regarding Insurances, Relocating, Visas & Permits.

Exploring Frankfurt: Where to Stay and What to Know

Where Should I Stay in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt offers a variety of neighborhoods to suit different preferences. If you prefer a lively atmosphere with restaurants and nightlife, the Sachsenhausen district is a great choice. For a more upscale and business-oriented stay, the Westend district is popular. The city center, with its historic charm and proximity to major attractions, is also a convenient option for tourists. Ultimately, the best place to stay depends on your interests and needs.

Which Areas in Frankfurt Are Considered Safe?

Frankfurt, in general, is a safe city. Popular residential areas known for their safety include Westend, Sachsenhausen, and Nordend. These neighborhoods have low crime rates and are considered family-friendly. However, as with any city, it's essential to take basic safety precautions and be aware of your surroundings.

Is Frankfurt a Good Place to Live?

Frankfurt is often ranked high in quality of life surveys. It boasts a strong economy, excellent healthcare, efficient public transportation, and a rich cultural scene. The city's international environment makes it attractive to expatriates, and it offers a high standard of living. However, like any place, whether Frankfurt is a good place to live depends on your personal preferences and circumstances.

What Is the Most Popular Area in Frankfurt?

The city center, specifically the area around the Hauptwache and Römer, is the most popular and bustling part of Frankfurt. It's home to numerous shops, restaurants, historic landmarks, and cultural attractions. Tourists often prefer this area due to its central location and accessibility to major sites like the Goethe House and St. Bartholomew's Cathedral. However, popularity may vary depending on individual interests and needs.


In summary, Frankfurt is a dynamic and diverse city offering a range of neighborhoods to suit various lifestyles. Safety is generally good, and the city boasts a high quality of life, a strong economy, excellent healthcare, and efficient public transport.

While the city center is popular for its historic charm and accessibility, Frankfurt's neighborhoods like Bornheim, Westend, and Sachsenhausen offer unique living experiences. Whether you're a professional expat, student, or new resident, Frankfurt welcomes you to explore its many opportunities and make it your home. For more information on insurance, relocation, visas, and permits, visit our website. Frankfurt is ready to embrace your journey.

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