Top reasons why Frankfurt is great for Expats

Updated on
September 11, 2022

Frankfurt is a well-known city for expats to settle in. Here are some of the reasons why.

English speaking

Although in Frankfurt the main language spoken is German, many of the locals speak fluent English. Furthermore, it is occupied by many international expats, creating expat communities which make it easier for expats to find people with similar interests, speak the same language and make friends.

A city on the rise!

Previously, Frankfurt had a relatively negative reputation, as a place to live in. However, this all changed and the city yet proves to be prosperous. Frankfurt is thriving, and it offers ample possibilities for work and career growth. Moreover, the city’s economy is rated as one of the best in Germany. Naturally, this attracts many investors, talents and businesses to the city which makes it one of the best cities to work in. Currently it has one of the lowest unemployment rates with a growing population. Many international companies opened in Frankfurt making it business hub and having more than 25% foreign nationals. The city’s new nickname is “Mainhattan.”


Having one of the largest airports in Germany, makes Frankfurt immensely accessible. The airport provides routes to many countries and states and their airline is highly used by businesses due to their efficiency and affordable prices. Apart from that, the airport is also one of the world’s leading financial centers.

Cultural Hub

Frankfurt is a city with a rich history and culture, offering many historic buildings and museums. Also, it is one of Germany’s most diverse cultural hubs. This multi-cultural city hosts around 180 different nationalities and many people call Frankfurt their home. Here you can hear people speaking in English, Turkish, Chinese, Italian, French and of course German.

A place for everyone

Frankfurt is considered to be expensive when compared with other German cities. This however, does not limit its residents from enjoying themselves. The salaries are quite high and as previously mentioned it has one of the lowest unemployment rates. When it comes to the entertainment sector, in Frankfurt you can find anything ranging from affordable cocktail bars to high-end and exclusive bars in the skyscrapers with some of the best views of the city.

Young city

The city is occupied by around 50,000 students. Frankfurt is home to some of the best Universities in Germany providing high quality qualifications, recognized worldwide. Having such a large population of students creates a diverse, lively and fun environment to live in.Thinking of moving to Germany? Don’t know if you can apply for a Visa or don’t know how? Want to find one of the best and affordable Health insurances in Germany? Visit our Visas & Permits and Insurances sections on our website to be a step closer to make your dreams become reality!

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