Welcome to the City of Düsseldorf and the County of Mettmann!

Updated on
September 20, 2022

The region Düsseldorf- Mettmann is considered as one of the most favored destinations worldwide for Expats.

As a trade fair town and place of international and listed companies, Düsseldorf is a top- location for foreign- direct investment in Europe. With a growing start-up business and a rising importance of the digital economy, Düsseldorf is a leading hotspot of digitalization. The international airport Düsseldorf as an intercontinental hub in Europe connects the region with all major business centers and destinations worldwide. Düsseldorf is home of world- renowned universities and has numerous museums and galleries.

The County of Mettmann surrounds Düsseldorf in the north, east and south. The ten cities of the county offer a variety of picturesque old towns, some of the best and modern shopping destinations, beautiful recreation areas and cultural highlights, such as the world famous Neanderthal Museum. Apart from that many hidden champions as well as small and medium sized enterprises are located in the county.

The region owes its top rank as an Expat destination with regard to factors like work-life-balance, quality of living or career opportunities and last but not least the warm welcome culture which is offered to expats. Keen to foster this welcoming approach, the City of Düsseldorf, the County of Mettmann and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Düsseldorf have set up the “Expat Service Desk”, which offers initial information and advice on living and working in the region to international professionals and their families as well as to companies which are hiring international professionals. As a platform and hub for all expat-related activities, the Expat Service Desk bundles information and relates with all respective institutions so that international newcomers gain comprehensive support on various important matters.

Where to go and what to see?

The shopping boulevard Königsallee (“Kö”), the modern Medienhafen (harbor media district) and the Old Town offer a wide range of gastronomy, art and culture as well as fashion. But Düsseldorf is also a city of attractive urban architecture and international sport-activities. Beside the world famous Neanderthal Museum, the County of Mettmann offers various possibilities for sports, recreation and hiking, like the neanderland STEIG - a hiking route of around 240 kilometers covering the natural beauties and sights of the county.

Where to meet people?

Düsseldorf – Mettmann is a very friendly, broad-minded region and actively involved in a variety of European and multinational networks and cooperation. There are different international and national associations with cultural or business focus. And there are always numerous events and activities in the region.More information about living and working in the region: www.expatservicedesk.de

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