What to expect in Munich?
What to expect in Munich?

What to expect in Munich?

What to expect in Munich?

High standards of living and quality of life – Most of the time living in Munich is very pleasant.  With warm summers and cold winters, in Munich there is always something to do.  Although the cost of living is relatively a bit high, there are a lot of affordable fun activities to do and places to visit.  In the worldwide ranking, Munich came the impressive 4th place out of 223 cities.

Efficient and Effective public transport – Munich has an extensive public transportation system, consisting of busses, underground (U-Bahn), trams and suburban trains.  One can really rely on public transport in Munich as it is always on time, clean and quick!

Bicycle Friendly – Public transport is good, but Munich offers various opportunities for people that enjoy cycling.  The city is relatively flat geographically, so it makes it very easy to travel by bicycle.  Riders are very respected and they have bicycle lanes almost in every street.

Safe – Munich has very low crime rates and a very rare occurrence of serious crime. There is nothing better and comfortable than knowing you can walk around the city you are living in freely, without any worries, even at night time.  Munich is one of the safest cities inside Germany, ranking the 13th safest country in the world to live in according to the Crime Index for country 2016.

Accessibility – One of the key benefits of living in Munich is its great location.  Within a few hours one can be easily in another city or even better country!  In one hour you are in the North of Italy and in two hours you are in Austria.

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