The Top 10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Germany 

Updated on
May 21, 2023

Germany has amazing attractions to offer tourists, including elegant palaces and castles, meandering rivers, extensive Alps and medieval cathedrals. The contemporary museums and galleries that display the country’s complex history are also top rated tourist attractions in Germany. With a huge list of must see attractions in Germany, it can be hard to decide what to see first. In this article, you will interact with the top ten tourist attractions in Germany you should explore.

1. Sanssouci Palace and Gardens in Potsdam

Sanssouci Palace and Gardens in Potsdam

Sanssouci Palace and Gardens became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990, but before that, it was a summer palace for King Frederick of Prussia between 1740 and 1786. Currently, it is not only an old palace but a treasured sanctuary with a wide and beautiful view of Potsdam city.

Visitors place it among the top tourist attractions due to its majestic fountains, well-maintained grounds, exquisite gardens and about 1000 beautiful sculptures. Tourists are free to roam through the breathtaking gardens of the park.

2. Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) in Berlin

Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) in Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin is among the most popular tourist attractions in Germany and symbolises German’s reconsolidation. Carl Gotthard Langhans unveiled the gate’s design, constructed to commemorate France’s loss to Prussian. It is 60 feet tall, with one part that holds statues of Prussian leaders and another part that was an auditorium for delivering speeches during the war period.

Brandenburg Gate represents peace, strength and unity among countries, and each of its sides displays countries that once governed Germany.

3. Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral

This Gothic-style Cathedral of the Roman Catholic religion sits at the centre of traditional Cologne in Germany. It houses the remains of three kings transferred by Emperor Charlemagne to Cologne in 800 AD. Also known as the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Maria, this Cathedral features among the most visited tourist attractions in Germany. Visitors can also access other medieval churches, museums and galleries in this city.

The Cologne Cathedral holds rich historical information on the religious revolution in the 12th century, as it was constructed after Archbishop Konrad von Hochstaden ordered the construction of large churches to replace the small parish churches. It was built after another church in the same location was demolished. During World War 2, it was also demolished but later rebuilt from the salvaged building materials of another collapsed church.

4. Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria

Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria

Neuschwanstein Castle, lying on a rocky hill with 19th-century Romanesque architecture, is the most visited attraction in Germany. This palace lies above the Hohenschwangau village near Fussen, a town in Southwest Bavaria. It was commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria in honour of Richard Wagner and was also a retreat centre. Tourists began visiting it in 1886 after the king died, and to date, it has attracted over 60 million people.

Among the top attractions in Germany, the Neuschwanstein Castle has been featured in numerous motion pictures: Star Wars Episode 2-Attack of the Clones, the Great Race, the Lone Ranger and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, among others.

5. The Munich Residenz in Bavaria

The Munich Residenz in Bavaria

The Munich Residenz was designed by Domenico dell’Allio and built between 1468 and 1574. It was previously inhabited by the Bavarian monarchs of the House of Wittelsbach. It became a museum in 1905 after the sitting king, Ludwig II, was overthrown by Otto von Bismarck. The Residenz displays Italian architecture and is a top cultural landmark in Germany.

Tourists flock here to see the monument’s magnificent four wings surrounding an innermost yard with numerous beautiful ceremonial rooms. Visitors can view some throne rooms, libraries and an exquisite banqueting room.

You can find more informations in top places to visit in Munich.

6. The Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen

The Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen

The Rhine Falls are found in Schaffhausen, a city famous for its spectacular bridges, next to the German border. They are the largest falls in Europe and are part of Germany's most breathtaking natural tourist attractions.

Visitors are always awed by this natural wonder, with an average flow of 600 m³/s, 2/3 that of Niagara Falls in the US. Although the Rhine Falls are in Switzerland, visitors can still access this spectacular natural beauty easily from the German border.

Visitors to the Rhine Falls can experience standing high above the waterfall and listening to the vibration and roar of the waves. They can also experience beautiful boat rides to the Rhine Falls Basin, the nearby castles and the magnificent rock at the centre of the waterfall.

7. Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich

Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich

Hellabrunn Zoo is famous for its many animals, excellent exhibits and other tourist attractions. This zoo hosts the largest aquarium in the whole of Germany, a butterfly section with numerous species of butterflies and a bird walk section with birds hovering around visitors’ shoulders.

The Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich is the perfect tourist destination for visitors travelling with kids who enjoy viewing different types of animals.

8. Nuremberg Castle

Nuremberg Castle

Nuremberg Castle is an old castle located in Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany. It is found on a hill known as the Castle Hill that faces the Nuremberg historical centre. The castle had undergone several modifications before reaching its current size in 1873. In the last modification, King Ludwig II of Bavaria added an outer zone with about 20 rooms and four towers.

In the present day, the Nuremberg Castle is home to many museums and is on the list of tourist attractions in Germany. The castle is also part of the Dungeon Museum, a torture chamber that displays all the punishment tools used in the Middle Age period in Central Europe.

Visitors will be pleased to learn that this exquisite castle has two restaurants. In one of the restaurants, visitors can order and sit inside or outside, depending on the weather. The second restaurant has a beautiful beer yard with live music every night from May to September.

9. Hohenzollern Castle

Hohenzollern Castle

Hohenzollern Castle, in Hechingen, a town in the South West of Germany, was constructed in the 12th century and has Roman-inspired architecture. The castle has hosted numerous families in its 800 years of existence. At some point, it was home to the Hohenzollern family, who gifted its name to the German royal family.

Visitors can now visit the castle-turned-museum that provides comprehensive tours throughout the year apart from the Christmas and New Year seasons. The museum has numerous artefacts to offer tourists, including paintings and exquisite wall hangings displaying various biblical scenarios.

10. German National Museum in Nuremberg

German National Museum in Nuremberg

The German National Museum in Nuremberg is a top museum that displays three themes in its collection. Visitors can access the Archeological exhibits, Ethnology studies and Middle Age and Early Modern Exhibits. Tourists can also experience numerous exhibitions depending on the time of the year.

Other interesting tourist attractions in Germany include Bonn, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Weimar. Bonn is a great town to visit because it hosts numerous museums. For instance, visitors can visit the Ludwig Museum, which has the excellent works of popular artists. Munich is also an amazing city to explore, especially the Oktoberfest Fiesta, where artisans display their beer-making skills. Visitors can also explore the Holocaust Memorial Site in Berlin to find out how the people involved in the Second World War lived. Hamburg and Weimar are excellent tourist destinations with numerous parks and interesting transport options.


Germany has diverse tourist attractions to offer visitors all through the year. Its diversity is depicted in its different regions, such as its meandering rivers, flat farmlands and mountainous regions. Germany has a rich history that visitors interested in historical things can explore. Germany is a peaceful and united country governed by its state rules and laws.

From the different top tourist attractions in Germany, it is evident that there is something for every person regardless of age. Adults can visit historical museums, castles, waterfall, medieval cathedrals and vibrant exhibitions. Adults with children can visit zoos, exquisite restaurants and beautiful castle gardens around Germany.

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