Buying a car in Germany
Buying a car in Germany

Buying a car in Germany

Buying a car in Germany

Germany is known for its driving luxuries and unrestricted highways. If you are moving to Germany or living there and want to buy a car, you have the option to opt for a brand-new car or second hand. Both have their benefits and limitations and in Germany, you can find ample manufacturers or dealers to choose from. Apart from that, Germany is home to some of the top automobile companies in the world, including; BMW, Volkswagen and Porsche.

In order to come to a decision regarding new or used, consider the following circumstances;

  • How long are you planning to stay in Germany?
  • If you eventually return home, will you take your car with you?
  • What is your budget?
  • What distances will you be driving with it?
  • How many people do you need to fit in the vehicle?
  • Will you be driving mostly in the city or highway?

New Cars

One of the most exciting things in life for many! Buying a new car can be quite challenging due to the many options available on the market. Have a look on the internet first, as you will get an idea of what is available and decide on your budget. Apart from that on the internet, you can dwell into the specifications and gather more information on the vehicle desired. However, many people prefer to go around visit different dealers and if possible test drive the car.

Unlike many other countries, when at the dealer you cannot usually negotiate to a desired price. It is very normal for you to pay the entire price asked by the dealer. With that being said, some dealers that manage to discount the price if you pay in cash.

Second-hand Cars

If you search hard enough, you can find a car with a very good value for money. You can buy the car from a private person found on newspapers, adverts and websites or you can also buy from a dealer. A main advantage with dealers is that, normally they are legally required to provide at least a one year warranty.

To get a good idea what to expect, if you find a used car that you like, check the market value of the car and then you can compare it to the asking price. It can be extremely helpful that you take someone that has a good idea about cars when you go seeing the cars and also someone that speaks German.

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